Looks like the Art Fair is officially cancelled for this year.

I knew that filling in that "I'm looking for information about ..." would lead to a lot of contacts but DAMN payroll companies are thirsty!

I walked past the place where we keep the library books. They’re separated “read” and “unread”. The “unread” pile is not really getting any smaller, even though we’ve had them for weeks extra. I guess that says something?

It’s a half hour, but here’s a quote

“You have to make it well, and you have to make it properly, and *then* you have to hurt it and destroy it, which can hurt you”


A pleasant way to spend a half hour if you can’t go outside into the sun:

Jan van Eyck


If this works, it will be a great improvement to getting a paper check in 6 months irs.gov/coronavirus/economic-i

I love how the Fed is offering yet another fucking loan package. How many hoops to apply for this one?

Starfish undersides 

depending on how you feel about starfish locomotion, this is a pretty interesting GIF


This is an utterly ridiculous and very well done how to make a bench vise. youtube.com/watch?v=sxwHZoH62O

Down and up and down. I wake up feeling pretty good, but then overdo it and exhaust myself.

I’m grateful that I have a job that I can do as I get energy. But I’m concerned about getting furloughed in the next couple of weeks. It depends on the stupid SBA loan crap which is a total farce. I feel like a dog getting teased with a treat.

Sun helps, when I can manage to get outside.

I am a big fan of low-effort food prep, yogurt edition.

I had been incubating it in a crock in the oven, but switched to the better-controlled instant pot.

But really, heat up some milk, add the starter, and wait. What could be easier?

I am luckily not on furlough, and have been working off and on thru my illness (by my choice).

I’m at the point of following up on back-burnered projects, like rationalizing our G Suite user base and possibly consolidating the various online services we use.

Do any y’all have or know of any *non* Google based help docs or guides? I find G’s documentation to be pretty opaque.

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