I have just updated my desktop machine to Catalina and I just want to know where my dwarf mastodons are

I SCIENCED TODAY and I must say it was kinda fun, in a “ow my back hurts!” kinda way.

YOU GUYS I took pictures of a report that is written in Spanish and had GTranslate read it and OMG it WORKED. Next is to figure out a way to do it faster/more efficiently with scanned images.

Livin in the future

PSA: The IRS W4 form changed this year, and you should probably double check your withholding if you’re a W2 employee


(Said as the person who is doing taxes as well as being a payroll clerk)

You don’t really need to know Dutch to understand what’s going on here

Hello I have spent more hours than I wanted cleaning up someone else’s Word document formatting and I have been reminded that people who learned typing on a typewriter don’t always “get” how a word processor is different


So. TODAY (2/1) I got a letter in the mail saying that I do have a State Retirement Account, and I might be eligible for contributing a little for working at WCC in 2014.

The deadline was 1/31 at 5pm. The postmark on the mail is 1/30.

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The Change in Web tech means this doesn’t loop anymore, but seeing YouTube trying to keep up with the captions is amusing. youtube.com/watch?v=EIyixC9NsL

Full disclosure: I know the owner and he’s driving it because his regular car is in the shop

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