@ajberg that was awesome! Thanks for setting that up

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AI safety necessitates a exact, normative model of ethics. normative here means it's based on principles and not "general opinion"

Hot take/spoiler alert 

Watching the falcon and the winter soldier and when the ladies of wakanda whooped captain America that was a very satisfying scene

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today i'm making all my commit messages "could a depressed person do this?"

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As people flee Afghanistan, this is a reminder of where refugees come from: most of them are fleeing economic and political destabilization inflicted by the West. One way to act in solidarity with Afghans is to fight against laws criminalizing immigrants.


Any friends here that could offer advice or a rec for a local lawyer to get a will going?

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for my entire life i've been so confused about why everybody's doing things all the time. arent you all afraid to death that somebody will see you and know that you exist????

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onlyfans' plan the whole time was to use and then cast aside sex workers when they became inconvenient

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#OtD 19 Aug 1936 the gay socialist poet Federico García Lorca was executed a month after the Spanish civil war commenced. "I will always be on the side of those who have nothing and who are not even allowed to enjoy the nothing they have in peace." workingclasshistory.com/2020/0

A2 city council 

Library lot: constant old guard v new guard bickering, Power out for 5 days: radio silence, mushroom festival: unanimous YASSSSSSSSS

Hi! Anyone hiring for anything interesting? I’m seriously considering closing the book on my largest consulting client as soon as I wrap up a few things for them. I’m a software jack of all trades, lots of experience in lots of industries. Happy to talk more details or put you in touch with folks who can tell you what it is like to work with me

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If you haven't read a book in a while this is your reminder that books are awesome. Pick one up. :)

I just ate my first banana in 9 months. Better than birthday cake

I have cancelled my dystopian nightmare. I’m going to need a vehicle before the cybertruck is ready

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NEW: The Exotic Dancers' Union
Podcast episode about workers at the Lusty Lady strip club in San Francisco who, in 1997, were the first women to unionise a strip joint in the United States, and who later took it over and ran it as a workers’ co-operative

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all software is literally bad
none of it works
free or closed
computing was a mistake

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One of my data visualizations at :city_ann_arbor: is now public-facing. Check out the real-time graph at the bottom of a2gov.org/solar.

The 2021 figure is year-to-date. Residential solar is taking off 📈

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