I’ll be drinking beer and watching cheese burn at the Greek Festival tonight

Climate Activism 

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To certain people : Your desire for “fancy”, “expensive” and “luxury” items is not the result of your parents or even yourself.

You were born in a society that taught you to desire wasteful and unnecessary items, items that are often temporary and provide no longer-term use, value or entertainment.

You must take the time to unlearn this, and to lead your life in a direction that is concerned with the long term value of things, rather than what the capitalist say is valuable

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Firefox is great! If you haven’t used it in a few years you’re going to be wowed. I used it as my main browser even when Chrome had ad-blockers! Give addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firef a try, it’s great.

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If the one thing missing from your life is ultra hot peppers, I’ll have some by mid summer

@csalzman @csalzman is it too soon to toot “quote of the night” again?


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Lyft is apparently giving out free credit to some folks to break the line. Don't do it at all.

My kids are playing Minecraft.


At least they aren’t fighting

Any friends here know a local source for food-grade cocoa butter?

Local Gardeners? 

For Sale/Late Stage Capitalism 

Is posting stuff for sale allowed in mastodon? I’m not trying to turn it into a marketplace, I just have some old brewing equipment I’m trying to have out of my basement

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Can any friends here recommend a vpn for home use? I probably don’t need the dark web, just good encryption from a company that clearly expresses their values

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The Ann Arbor Townie Calendar is a thing that has a number of important dates on it, including home football games, art fair, the car show, and other things that are useful to know. You can subscribe to it here calendar.google.com/calendar?c

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