Instead of an executive sending an all company email about Black Lives Mattering, my company invited a black employee to address us at an all hands. She invited us all to stop defending police. It was a great moment

My queen is laying drones. Bummer of the Summer

My garden is going to be a process. But even my baby steps are going to make pounds of healthy food

Still employed, but dreaming every day about never returning to an office full time

I just got a really nice email wanting to engage over potentially joining a startup. It’s phishing of the guy is named Admiral Dome, right?

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LEGO is pulling police sets (some of their best selling sets!) from the US.


My life keeps getting smaller and it is a great experience

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Having an active, geo-local Mastodon instance ( is the closest I've come to the 1990's BBS feeling.

Thanks @dzombak

We’re just over here crushing MOMosas. What are you guys up to

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In honor of the man who yelled at me out of his car today that I needed to ride on the sidewalk, and that I was "living dangerous", here's a summary of the evidence that:
- riding your bike in the street is safer than the sidewalk
- riding on the sidewalk is safer than driving in a car

We were successfully phasing meat out of our grocery orders but then Weber’s had a beef sale.

One of my kids is dangerously close to becoming an activist. I am nurturing her sense of justice and encouraging activities that will help her find her voice.

The honeybees are doing a lot of bee stuff.

Garden beds are in progress.

The things I pay attention to continue to flourish.

I’m surprised at some of the things I’m finding the will to pay attention to.

Also, an angle grinder or similar that can cut through a master lock. I’ll only use it at my house. Promise!

Does anyone have a greenhouse they like? Looking for recommendations

I am still employed. My partner is navigating the unemployment system. I can’t imagine having to go through this without a safety net

My agricultural hobbies are in full effect

This weather! I’ll be tilling for the garden this weekend

I am the 1% if you account for global income. I’m guilty of forgetting about the poor

I am getting addicted to all-day access to people and things I care about

Bee Wranglin' 

I got a new smoker for the backyard hive today and it the sweet dopamine is flowing. Good tools, friends, are a psychedelic

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Today's a good day to stop eating meat: for the planet, for the workers, for the animals.

But if that's too much for you right now, you could start eating less meat. Or not eat *this* meat from industrial factories 👇. Or cook lentils tonight.

In an odd twist of fortune I am wearing long pants for the first time in recent memory

Does anyone know who used to run Ann Arbor food not bombs? There is a dead Facebook group, and I’m looking to ask if any of the former folks mind someone else picking up the banner once we can all be together again

Shheeeeeeeeeiiiiiiiiitttttt. I just finished my annual viewing of The Wire

meat eating 

With a $35 Sous vide cooker I have 0) learned to cook a perfect rare steak 1) made odor-free cannabutter under my kids’ nose and 2) started some lamb chops that will turn out just fine

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