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all software is literally bad
none of it works
free or closed
computing was a mistake

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One of my data visualizations at :city_ann_arbor: is now public-facing. Check out the real-time graph at the bottom of

The 2021 figure is year-to-date. Residential solar is taking off 📈

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Was the Afghanistan War a failure? Not for the top five defense contractors and their shareholders.

$10,000 invested in defense stocks when Afghanistan War began now worth almost $100,000

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Many thanks for the wishes of safety and offers of help. Power is back on at the house

I have been deftly carving open carcasses and climbing inside for warmth. Maybe I should just focus on getting the fuck off of Hoth

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Interesting, if a little shallow, look at the tension between how makers view their traits and capitalism (focussed on woodworking, but I think covers makers more generally).

The public library is more crowded than I have ever seen it. Love that

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It took a week 🙃

I am deeply saddened for everything that was done in our name in Afghanistan, and I will never forgive previous administrations for the colossal waste of lives, money, and political capital.

And for building a sham house of cards that is going to get those unfortunate enough to have bought in to our lies and left there killed.

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The only legitimate use of privilege is to spend it to create the kind of world where you never would have had it to begin with.

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Power Outage Rant 

Day 3 without power. Michiganders seem unfazed by this, but it's pretty insane to me. I'm disappointed in the state government, who should be coming down on DTE like a ton of bricks. Governor cited unprecedented storms, but I thought that was pretty lame. Some strong gusts of wind are not a natural disaster in my books. Monopolies are rarely good. Down with that sort of thing!

kudos to the linemen who are working long days and restoring people’s power all over. My sentiment towards management at DTE includes profanity

I sent a nasty gram to my city council rep to see if they could stop arguing about the library lot long enough to put some pressure on DTE. I am not optimistic

New estimate for power restoration: next Wednesday 11:30 pm. I’m starting to get a little salty about this

@dzombak we are still without power. Probably will not make it this week for the pallets. If you need them gone and someone else is more available, I completely understand

Instead of making candlelight cowgirl coffee, I stopped at Wendy’s (one of the few spots with power!). I’m still reeling from how easily I talked myself out of a breakfast baconator. Like, who even am I anymore?

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#OtD 13 Aug 1776 a crowd of women in Fishkill, New York, seized tea during a food riot in the American revolution. More info in this history of the role of food riots in the revolution:

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From birdsite 

The fun part of burnout is that it robs you of the enthusiasm, creativity, and perseverance that get you through usually. Even minor stumbling blocks knock you on your ass. It presents, to me at least, as depression is often described. #xp

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