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Boy, transport birdsite sure loves them some @csalzman ! Hope you don't mind my tagging you in to that mob.

It is disputed in my household, but I contend that "my favorite twitter ag scientist" is a perfectly reasonable phrase. (

the perils of living in the #1 most educated city in the country 

This floor is pretty splendid. (Pung house, inn on ferry street, detroit)

Made child toast w / cream cheese and blueberry jam for breakfast. He took one look and dubbed it "goose poop toast".

(He's eating it, tho, so he can call it whatever he wants.)

This author is at least a few clicks more confident in the pro-climate motivations of market actors than I am, but even dialing that back there's optimism to be had here:

Today's best typo: Kalamaozoo.

The equivalent of the People's Republic of Ann Arbor?

A2 / UM housing 

This morning's dadding: decorating a gingerbread house with kinders while they criticize my playlist.

Vaguely related, I sat in on an MEDC training yesterday on the pro forma they ask anybody seeking development subsidies to complete. Possibly of interest to anybody wanting to play around with development cost numbers: (tagging @sstrudeau for no reason)

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climate report 

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This White House climate report is really something. The all-powerful bike lobby has clearly infiltrated the "human health" sections.

Cincinnati doing pretty well in the downtown riverfront park game.

YALL. When my kids were about 6 months old, my wife decided Riverside Park needed a playground. And it's here!

(Maybe only relevant to @dgoings as the 1 other ypsi type here, but) Ypsi's affordable & accessible housing work group is circulating a survey to identify housing needs, concerns, and ideas within the community - please pass along to other ypsi folks:

"Daddy, I drew this for you because it's things that you love: Darth Vader and a pie!"

My org is hiring an "Accountant" (as in finance staffer, not CPA necessarily). Non-profit experience preferred, Green Road location, salary likely in 50-65k range.

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