‪🚨 A bunch of last minute budget amendments (no opportunity for public hearing!) including two that raid 40/40/20 affordable housing/climate/pedestrian safety funds for other uses. One from Lumm for more cops; one from Eaton/Hayner for pensions a2gov.legistar.com/Legislation

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Washtenaw east siders (Ypsi/SE A2): suggestions for a place for post-Endgame snacks & a drink ~10pm tonight?

Linda Diane Feldt, chair of the Transportation Commission and former chair of the City''s Pedestrian Safety & Access Task Force wrote about the opposition to her re-appointment here facebook.com/ldfeldt/posts/101

Was nice to have a weekend day without family, social & political obligations. Did my first real home electrical project (small line move prepping for near future demo) & a lot of yard cleanup with lunch at Frank’s in between.

And then put in an ADU above the garage/workshop out back...

This house looks like such a good deal I kind of want to sell our place and move. Ethnic groceries & eateries + Rec Center + convenience stores > increasingly bougie downtown & just inside reasonable bike commuting distance; especially attractive if the co-op closes/moves: zillow.com/homedetails/2904-Ma

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Loomi Café opened in Kerrytown Shops in the old Kosmo’s space. Food & service were better than the prices & counter service model might suggest.

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