I've finally admitted to myself that a lot of the music I want to play works better on a guitar than a banjo & started learning on an old acoustic.

I've talked myself into getting a decent beginner electric to learn on (easier to play & quieter for practice) but a lot of the models I'm looking at are sold out (likely supply chain issues related to tariffs & quarantine); anyone have good experience on sourcing guitars locally or online?

Noticing that I really don't want to go to sleep but sleep well (with intense dreams) and have hard time waking up. I should probably take time off soon but feels like "wasting" it since I can't travel.

Took a bike ride today to rescue an orphaned Aerogarden to add to my collection and picked up takeout from Knight's Downtown. The burger, even lukewarm and a little soggy, was SO DAMN GOOD. The weather is glorious.

COVID-19 & privilege 

If you're fortunate enough to have regular household help (housecleaner, dog walker, sitter) that you don't need while you are staying home: tell them to stay home and pay them anyway.

so Tootdon is going away; who has ab Android Mastodon client they like?

ok Comcast network at home died. I'm taking this as a sign to go to bed and stop playing with Glitch which is insanely fun & amazing.

@sstrudeau there has to be a market for like 20 more flavors of heroku dramatically simplifying common deploy patterns to make this stuff easier...

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wrote a scraper to scrape & store dda parking availability data. it took a couple hours to get working.; it's the first time I've used lambda, dyanamodb & nodejs and >50% of time was grokking & wrangling aws configs.

d&d swag 

Al McWilliams' new thing is d&d pads/notebooks/dice

day job gripes 

when our inexperienced designer & founder showed me the design comp I warned them it would be difficult to implement.

the shop we contracted met our fast/cheap goal and it worked! because it relies on multiple 3+ mb images! ugh!

so now I'm redoing the whole thing and this feels like a collassal waste if time. how much will you pay to get your translucent blob the float exactly where you want it between two other translucent layers?

fellow dad at the playground stopped me wearing my buttery soft The War on Cars T. he works for a startup making advanced internak combustion engines 😬..

but agreed we probably shouldn't give cars so much space on our streets.

on trying to use historic preservation for anti-displacement 

@samfirke short thread related to this idea; I agree with Alex that this is the wrong tool for the job

yard sale, board games 

we're having a yard sale &, noting the high gamer density of this instance, we have some still shrink wrapped Catan expansions

@csalzman started catching up on Roll for Topic and would like to point out that unlike some ~other players~, *I* roll damage with my attack roles ;)

tfw the cheap fix won't fit in your car so, if you're paying for delivery/vehicle rental, may as well order the expensive, lasting fix...

Most time consuming task of moving to Android from iOS so far has been migrating Notes & bookmarking an embarrassing quantity of open tabs.

Fully moved over to my Pixel 3. Easiest phone migration I've ever done and it was iOS to Android. Migration tools are much better but the sleeper hero: LastPass.

‪🚨 A bunch of last minute budget amendments (no opportunity for public hearing!) including two that raid 40/40/20 affordable housing/climate/pedestrian safety funds for other uses. One from Lumm for more cops; one from Eaton/Hayner for pensions

TV, nostalgia 

If you, like me, had a copy of Karate Kid on Betamax and watched it many many times and named your youngest brother Daniel after the main character ... you will very very much enjoy Cobra Kai.

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