I'm thinking that the somewhat light tooting today means that everyone was enjoying the beautiful day outside.
It was much needed. One kid splashed in puddles for an hour and the other did about 100 laps around a little traffic circle in our neighborhood on her bike. I took a long walk.

At the "I never want to hear these songs again" stage of mastering this album, but it's fun to see all the tracks together.

Had one of those days where I every time I sat down to work, I got up literally 20 seconds later, finding some excuse to get out of my chair.

I think I need to take a day off.

To death and taxes, I'd like to add dirty dishes.

I took this last week and now this guy is completely buried.

Tuned in to the Mars rover landing, 20% to watch the landing and 80% to see the NASA team cheer and fist bump.

Snow day listening
"View from My Window" by Hiroshi Yoshimura.

Putting away some money in 529s for potential education costs for the kids... but probably not enough. When the youngest is 18, U of M tuition is projected to be $300K for 4 years. 😳

I've been on here less lately because I deleted basically all of the time suck apps from my phone, web browser included. Anything that I don't use like a tool (i.e. camera, translator) got the boot. My daily average is down to 20 minutes from 2 hours.

It's just an experiment, really, but so far the itch to check my phone has subsided significantly, I'm less discontent just doing nothing, and I'm reading more.

I'm still on screens a ton because of work, but it's a positive step so far.

Another busted snowblower to add to the a2mi pile.

@samfirke you use a fancy manual contraption, right? Can you remind me of the name?

Watching this graphic day after day is like watching the world’s slowest loading screen.

P.S. it’s for Mac or Windows at the moment. I haven’t tried building for Linux yet but am up for trying.

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We at Scope Creep Studios (@csalzman and myself) are seeking play testers for the alpha build of our all-ages bug parachuting game, Bug Drop. We’ve been working on it off and on since November of 2018, an eternity ago.

What’s involved? We’ll give you the latest build of the game and a document (probably a Google Doc) with some optional feedback questions to fill out while you play.

If you can read this, you are invited! DM me with your email to get started. Please feel free to boost/pass on.

Turns out the Apollo soundtrack by Brian Eno is suited to snowy days inside in addition to space exploration.

Another dislocated elbow for the little one. Unfortunately a quick ER trip after hours costs $980 more than a quick trip to the pediatrician during the day. Sigh. 💸💸

I am almost done with several projects, a video game and an ambient album I whipped up around the holidays. I hope to have more to announce here soon.

Winter pandemic living is tiring but I’m retaining my sanity so far. Taking walks is essential. The news is less stressful too, and that helps.

vaccine priority 

Feeling very frustrated that the in-school teachers I know are waiting for the vaccine while several psychologists I know who only do telemedicine but have already gotten their second dose. Why aren’t we basing prioritization on exposure?

tbf it was taking a deep dive into a specific policy... not to discount the decidedly not boring executive actions Biden already made.

Still, I look forward to slightly more boring days ahead.

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Just listened to a daily news podcast and I’ve never been so excited to get slightly bored.

Conversation between my wife Jeanne and 4yo Giorgia this morning:

Giorgia: Can I be a voter when I grow up?
Jeanne: Yes, you can.

Giorgia: Can I be the new president when I grow up?
Jeanne: Yes honey, if you work hard you can be.

Giorgia: Ok, because I want there to be lots of parades.

Kid’s got her first term agenda figured out already.

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