All this moon/space talk got me relistening to one of my favorite pieces of music: Eno - Ending (An Ascent) from the Apollo album

You are walking down the sidewalk with your headphones on, enjoying some music or a podcast. Another person is walking your way without headphones. You...

Is there an easy to use app that let's you scan documents and save them to shared folders? On iOS/Mac. Preferably something that's not $100/yr.
Related: TIL that iCloud doesn't let you share folders, only documents.

Digital minimalism 

Digital minimalism 

Digital minimalism 

I said "vocabulary" and iOS dication confidently spat out "cabby Larry."

We're making progress on Bug Drop, our upcoming game, @stevekemsley keeps on adding polish and animations to it and it's feeling really really good. Please watch, ouch.gif

Right after turning 3, the toddler went and upped her question game.
Q: “What does it feel like when you die?”
Q: “When will you die?”
Q: “How did the dinosaurs get killed?”
Q: “If a lion comes in the house when I’m sleeping, will you chase it away with a broom?”

I can’t help but feel my answer game isn’t up to snuff.
A: “Don’t know”
A: “Don’t know”
A: “Big space rock”
A: “Definitely”

Slowly finishing up a new album. I just wrapped up editing for 4 new songs that I'll combine with 7-8 of the singles I released last year. Self-mastering this time because money. It doesn't sound half bad.

Found the writhing spawn of Satan (common name: deer tick) lodged in the space between my daughter’s index and middle fingers. It is the size of a poppy seed. And this, after some moderate to light playing on a mown Ann Arbor lawn.

Stay vigilant, friends.

A lifetime of making pasta and I still make too much, every time.

@Cornellbox People find the subject line concept useful, even if using CW to accomplish that results in some negative consequences and annoyances. I don’t think the solution is to get rid of CWs. It’s probably just to add a “subject” feature that behaves like we all want it to.

Responding to the retoot @Cornellbox posted about CW usage as a title (not responding to that thread because that guy is seriously volatile). The way people use CW on here (as a subject line) is clearly like a desire path across a field where there should probably be a sidewalk.

Ann Arbor Observer 

Google decoupling status 

Went down a rabbit hole reading about “rolling coal” and I have once again lost faith in humanity.

You know you’re truly sick when you take an actual sick day instead of working from home.

Getting many, if not all of the feels from the new Big Thief album.

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