I do not believe that inspiration should be relied upon for creative work.

There is SO much foundational and structural work you _have_ to do before "inspiration" can even make a dent in The Work. Boring organization, cleaning the shop, purchasing supplies, actually getting to your desk, roughing in a concept, stretching, etc.

Do all of that first before complaining that that inspiration didn't strike.

@csalzman inspiration is never my problem; the amount of time I can spend on perspiration _always_ is.

@hypomodern yes, same here! I regret how much time I spent not doing the perspiration part back when I had the time.

@hypomodern well...let's say back when I had the energy to think I had the time when I should have been sleeping :)

Also, skipping out on grad school certainly made my 20s a bit easier on the ol' side projects front.


@csalzman @hypomodern my most prolific and creative times in my life happen when I am super busy. When I’ve had months of (relative) free time in the past (something unlikely to happen again for a long while), I’d watch TV, play games, or otherwise “waste” the time. Something about having a structured, busy schedule gives me more motivation to take advantage of the little free time I have for creative work.

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