End the year on the right note--I'll be live on WCBN.org from 6-7.

Live on wcbn.org from 6-7 tonight. Food themed with a nod to Peanuts. Alice's Restaurant will play around 6:40ish.

Tonight's WCBN show will be dedicated to 89x. 6p-7p at wcbn.org. I have a list of groups I want to include but will take other suggestions :)

Live on WCBN.org or 88.3FM local from 4pm-5pm today!

Yes! Back to live radio at 88.3FM or wcbn.org!

Really feeling done with people right about now!

I will be LIVE (from my house) on wcbn.org or 88.3FM from 3-5 today!

School's out this Friday, June 14th! I'm going to be at Pileated probably after 5, eventually move to Ypsi Ale House to see friend's band.

WCBN.org or 88.3fm--NOW! Girl Power Hour! And again at 7pm for the Leisure Experiment!

Sunday birthday plans: brunch at noon at Detroit Filling Station, march your ass in the leprechaun parade at Kerrytown at 2, Go ice cream around 5:30, Pointless Brewery at 7:30. Then we all go home and cry because really? My life is half over? That's it, seriously, really, honestly?

My bday is 3/17! Come have brunch at Detroit Filling Station at noon and then march in the leprechaun parade at Kerrytown and then let's get Go ice cream because I'm old and time is meaningless. (Pointless Improv/beer in the evening)

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