I'm not sure the best way to cross post yet, particularly with the differences in thread setup and tweet/toot size. Here's how I torture the neighborhood kids in D&D: twitter.com/timsaucer/status/1

The way I parent, when one of my kids gets a new hobby I end up learning about the hobby also. Since anything worth doing is worth overdoing, I give you my interpretation of the Beholder stuffed animal in the Old Xoblob Shop.

Ann Arborites: I’m trying to help a couple of 15 year olds start a D&D group. Looking for 2-3 players around the same age. Campaign will start online but hopefully switch to in person at some point. Let me know if you know anyone about that age that’s interested. No experience needed.

Teaching my kids how amazingly awesome computer games were back in the early 90s. I set up a local BBS on our media server to play Trade Wars, Legend of the Red Dragon, and Star Trek.

I love my “Mom Squad” D&D group. Set in a matriarchy, tonight our token male player/character got womansplained to for failing on a spell. Everyone loved it when the NPC told him, “I’m sure it was a good spell, but maybe you should let someone who knows what they’re doing take over.”

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