Summer Camp 

Camp Quest Michigan, a 501c3 non-profit summer camp registration opens tomorrow! We are a secular summer camp for children ages 8-17 operating near Grand Rapids. I am excited to return as the Camp Director, for what will be my 8th season volunteering.

Registration link:

This is just a plain old treasure chest. Definitely not a mimic.

This was my first amigurumi without any kind of pattern.

Working on a new campaign setting, the world of Essirene. Here's a link with a map and some basic info:

In case anyone knows somebody thinking of selling, we are looking for some lakefront land (at least one acre) within an hour drive of Ann Arbor. No firm timeline, but ideally within the next 1.5 years.

Equal representation for different fandoms in this house. We are the spark.

From the twits, what’s the first video game you played countless hours on? For me it was Jet Set Willy on a hand me down Commodore 64.

@george @pauljacobson Paul I've been working on setting up a way to share my obsidian vault with my son who's running the same campaign as me & doesn't use obsidian. I've got a rough draft working. I've set it up to have a node graph of only those with the `scenario` tag in the front matter. I've learned it's important in each of my scenarios to list the places I think they will go, which shows up in the node diagram right away. (Avernus spoilers)

Deep cleaning / donating and I came across these hand puppets I made to entertain my kid.

The spousal unit asked me to take some new pictures for her birthday, so true to form everything worth doing is worth overdoing.

Most of the time I participate in role playing games, I’m the DM / GM. A couple weeks ago I had the chance to be a player on a podcast. I loved my character, Charity Karuk, so much I decided to print and paint her.

The one and only thing I’ve ever missed from the crappy dead end town I grew up in on the Mexican border of Texas is these chips and now you can find them at Meijer!

I’m calling this done. On the left is the best I could do with my FDM printer. On the right is using a resin printer. Overall I’m extremely pleased with how it came out.

While we were upstairs waiting to ring in the new year, the cats were busy in the basement knocking every miniature I have off my display stand.

To seek out new sourdoughs and new scoring patterns. To boldly go where no bread has gone before...

Finished building my resin printing station with fume extraction, ultrasonic cleaning, and UV curing.

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