If you are in to British murder mysteries, I highly recommend Reginald Hill, whose novels have a definite subversive twist. You get lulled into thinking this is just like Agatha Christie and then you realize no, this isn’t Christie, or Conan Doyle, or Sayers, at all.

Arthur is back, and looking worse than ever.

I wonder what will happen with the old Le Dog stand on Liberty.

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This is genuinely useful and informative; a thread about the numerous systemic factors that led to the conditions suspected of causing the Ethiopian Air crash. tl;dr software is only a band-aid for broader issues

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3. Nattering Nabobs of Negativism: people who change ingredients and preparation and declare the worst ever. "I used bok choy in place of carrot, and roasted it instead of sauteing it, and it was TERRIBLE! I will never make this again!"

4. Actually useful: People who offer actually useful commentary and advice. The rarest kind of comment.

Comments to recipes generally fall into four broad categories:

1. Armchair quarterbacks: people who haven't cooked the recipe but still are compelled to offer criticism. "1 1/2 cups of sugar is way too much. It should be 1 cup."

2. Purity Police: people who rule on authenticity. "My grandmother was born in [some obscure region of Hungary] and would NEVER add tomato to this dish. So inauthentic." This is immediately followed by someone declaring the recipe "exactly like Aunt Esther made!"

A blog I follow has a thread on 80's music. It's even worse than I remember.

Turned out the root cause of this problem was a bad polyfill published on MDN for String.prototype.includes(). This is diff if you really want to get into the weeds. The working revision was published by one of our engineers this morning. developer.mozilla.org/en-US/do

We pushed out a release last night and found out this morning it doesn't work on IE11.

How's your morning so far?

I’ve been in Dearborn all evening and missed all the excitement.

Not sure how I feel about umich not being among the universities involved in the bribery scandal.

This university admissions bribery thing is completely bonkers.

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Looks like my team at Mozilla is hiring for a remote Senior Software Engineer! Let me know if this looks interesting and I can put in a referral


The Vinbar on the south side of Liberty between Main and Ashley has closed.

Speaking of recommendations, my front door needs replacing. Any recommendations for a door contractor, besides the Home Depot and the like?

I’m stuck in meetings all morning. Send help.

I'm disappointed that the Water Hill Music Festival is no more - it was one of the best things about Ann Arbor. But I understand why they ended it. mlive.com/news/2019/03/ann-arb

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