I managed to get along just fine without birdsite for the first 50+ years of my life, I imagine I will get along just fine without it for the rest.

Today marks my 66th (!!) solar orbit. I'm very grateful for my good health (relative to so many others my age), my economic health, and especially all my dear friends.

iOS 15 is ... different. Still getting used to it.

The staff of The Wirecutter formed a union and will have a "digital picket line" if they can't agree on a contract with the New York Times by Black Friday. docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAI

I guess it shows how much of a bubble I live in that I've never heard of Travis Scott until that awful concert incident hit the news.

The problem with this time change is that it is not quite 9pm and I am thinking about bed.

Sounds like some of the mastokids weren't all that happy :)

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So happy to see the mastokids getting their shots.

So that makes three suburban Detroit communities that elected Arab-American Muslim mayors.

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Dearborn Heights also elected an Arab-American mayor. The city council appointed Bazzi to the position earlier this year following the death of the previous mayor from COVID-19, but Bazzi was elected to the position yesterday.


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dad joke 

Why are there pop tarts but no mom tarts?

The pastryarchy.

Forecast calls for rain from 9am to 5pm. Lovely.

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