There are few things more annoying than driving on Pontiac Trail at posted speeds (25, 30 mph depending) with someone inches from your back bumper. Back off, jerk. It's a residential neighborhood, not a racetrack.

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Roy Clark has died, and I knew he was a great guitarist, but I didn’t realize he could do this:

power went out for about 5 minutes here in NE A2.

Seriously, this an objectively evil company, and I never use the word "evil" lightly.

It was great seeing @dzombak, @ablyler, @hypomodern, Zach Steindler, and Mike Nicholas tonight at TLW. Y'all should join us the next time.

The deactivation of HAL 9000, voiced by the late Douglas Rain, is one of the more chilling scenes in sci fi.

Thanks for all the good wishes, everyone!

@bdimcheff @hypomodern @dzombak @sstrudeau @Cornellbox @dgoings So numbered manhattans, TLW, 11/14, 5:15pm. Ping me that afternoon if you are coming so we can get an appropriately-sized table.

Completing another orbit around the sun today.

"The band is threatening to quit!"
"They can't quit, they're holograms."
"They don't know that!"
- DS9

A friend of the family died last night of bile duct cancer. She was only 57.

She was one of the kindest, gentlest people I knew, and didn't deserve this (not that anyone does).

There's another coworking space that opened up in Ann Arbor on Main, entrance in the alley behind Palio's. I had no idea until someone mentioned it in the Workantile slack.

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Workantile is having an Election Watch Party/Wake (depending on blue wave/red tide). Nov. 6, 6pm - ??. Y'all are invited. BYOB.

118 S. Main, between Huron and Washington.

Hope to see you there.

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