DTW ✈️ SAN Went through TSA Pre✔️in under 10 minutes.

Scheduled Lyft did not happen. Fortunately another one was available and I got to Blake in plenty of time.

Stopped in at the Plum Market on Plymouth earlier today and Bill Ford Jr was in the checkout line ahead of me.

Scheduled a Lyft tomorrow at 5:30am (ugh) to take to me to Blake to catch the bus to DTW. Hopefully it actually shows up.

There's a total lunar eclipse tonight, or Blood Moon if you prefer. It's also fucking cold.

It is strange and wonderful that music written over 400 years ago can still speak to us with such immediacy and move us so profoundly.

At Hill awaiting the start of Lagrime di San Pietro.

typing 'brew upgrade ...' always makes me very nervous.

I am sitting warm in my home office, sipping coffee and watching the thick snow swirl down from the sky and blanket everything on the ground.

It begins.

Have y'all checked the weather forecast for this weekend through Monday? Yikes!

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If you enjoy my posts about #wrenching on my old truck engine rebuild project, please consider boosting this message. I'd love to find more people on the fediverse who are mechanically inclined and can share advice. Due to the decentralized nature, it's not as easy to find niche interests.

To anyone who doesn't know, I'm slowly rebuilding my 1965 GMC 1000 pickup. Right now I have the engine pulled. It's been machined, and I'm reassembling. I have a long road ahead.

#Wrenching #DIY #ClassicCars
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If you don't allow copy/paste into your password field, you are a monster.

Manhattan Club next Tuesday, January 15, 5:15pm, at the The Last Word. Everyone on this instance invited.

Ping me if you are coming so we can get an appropriately-sized table.

Twice a day I go over M-14 at Nixon on my way to/from work, and M-14 is always stop-and-go - when it's not at a complete standstill. I'd be homicidal by the time I got to my destination if I had to put up with that every day.

The "pop vs soda" argument broke out in my work slack.

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