tonight, The Last Word, 5:15pm. Reply to this if you're coming so we can get an appropriately-sized table. @Erich

Listening to my friend David Hufford play the Barton theater organ at the Michigan Theater. So good.

Right in the middle of cooking dinner I dropped the skillet lid, which, being glass, shattered all over the kitchen floor. Much adult language ensued.

So the Annie rolling slowly through town at 8am is less than convenient.

I have forgotten what the sun looks like.


So Dany is her father's daughter.


Funny how those giant crossbows are suddenly so ineffective.

Why on Earth would I or anyone want to watch a video of my AT&T UVerse bill?

I can’t remember which of you urban planning types on this instance recommended this, but thanks. It is a very good read.

Taking advantage of one of the hidden benefits of a Workantile membership.

I'm completely rebuilding my personal website but haven't found a canned theme that I haven't had to futz with. I should probably just build my own from scratch, although the academic theme @bdimcheff uses looks closest to what I want.

Just raised a pull request that deleted a net of 1,120 lines of code. Feeling very productive :)

This is somewhat outside the A2/Ypsi community, but it sounds like the Tecumseh school system is a complete mess. It's fourth (!) superintendent since January resigned.

So my washing machine, which evidently wasn't as balanced or level or something as it should have been, decided to go for a walk across the basement floor for about 6 inches, during the course of which a large bottle of laundry detergent spilled all over the dryer and a clothes basket.

That was fun to clean up.

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