I was explaining to a friend of mine from Texas that, like gendered nouns in German or French, there is no rational way to remember if it's spelled "Mackinaw" or "Mackinac".

I've driven past Mackinaw City a number of times, but have never visited it until now and didn't realize it's an 7 square mile tourist trap.

Having lunch in Birch Run on the way to Mackinaw City for a couple of days of hiking in Wilderness State Park.

Spotted this Citroën in the Westborn Market parking lot and immediately thought of @Erich

My mental map of Ann Arbor hasn't adjusted to the fact that both Ashley and First are now two-way streets.

It was great to see @stevekemsley @csalzman @george @samfirke @Erich Janet plus kidlings and spouses this afternoon. Sorry I had to bounce out early.

Man, toss a few bucks to Act Blue and you get on every freaking dem- and left-leaning mailing list in existence.

a2mi.social is not down. I have no particular reason for pointing that out.

I don't know how many on this instance remember Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen, but Commander Cody (aka George Frayne), a true Ann Arbor character, has died. pulp.aadl.org/node/581247

The number of ads YouTube inserts into videos is getting fucking ridiculous.

A tree service showed up to remove a tree that fell on my neighbor's garage across the street, and is making a hell of a racket.

So the booster recommendation is only for people who have received the Pfizer shot, not the Moderna. hub.jhu.edu/2021/09/22/crc-pfi

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Heading home. I had no idea how much I needed this time away.

The views from atop Sugarloaf peak are absolutely spectacular. Photos to follow.

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I highly unrecommend Vangos and Iron Bay. Vangos bills itself as a cocktail lounge, but the barkeep couldn’t make a decent Old Fashioned to save their life. Iron Bay is all hype, no substance.

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Very much enjoying Marquette. Thanks to @george for recommending Delft - I enthusiastically endorse this recco! Their cocktails are on a par with the Last Word, the food is excellent, and the setting in an old movie theater is really well done. I also highly recommend Blackrocks. Beer is really good and atmosphere lively. Go with friends or an SO.

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