Now playing: Jolene (33 rpm slowed down version), Dolly Parton / OdinsVlog

Jolene was originally released in 1973 as the first single and title track from her 13th album. Lots of covers of this tune, which was number one on the country charts. Discogs has more:

My family has a dedicated Telegram channel to post pictures of .

Here they are watching Bird TV.

Hockey Night in Canada, in Cree.

A hockey dictionary, in Cree:

He shoots – kitāskwēw
He scores – pihtikwahēw

I'm listening to a replay of tonight's game (until I get booted out, it's some kind of demo/promo I think).

Next game is Sat., 04-23 7:00 p.m. ET, Toronto Maple Leafs - Florida Panthers.

Automated license plate readers are on my mind, which if implemented will spy on all the comings and goings of my son who lives in Ypsilanti Township.

Sorry, you are rate limited. Please wait a few moments then try again.

birbsite acting up

It snowed (you all know that). I'll get out later today with my Yooper Scooper to clear the bulk of it.

Making summer vacation and work travel plans. I'm resigned to the notion that every travel plan might be interrupted by the next round of the plague, but until that actually happens, it's worthwhile to prepare.

We decided to remodel the basement so that number 2 son can have it as his own living space. I'm glad we can contemplate taking on a project of this size.

weather report, 830a 

front yard: storm drain is clear, most of the snow and ice in front has melted

back yard: what passes for the lawn in the back is about half flooded

With the predictions of snow and then cold, I'm guessing we'll have a snow-covered ice rink in back by the weekend

Farmers market was cold this morning, but there were a bunch of vendors. I bought some baby kale, a ham and Swiss croissant, and some hunter sausage.

Neighborhood sidewalks are slippery.

student driver 

Went out in the snow and ice to get dinner with No. 2 son who is on a learner's permit. It was not ideal driving conditions but he made it through ok! Good to have some supervised practice on bad roads.

dinner is "General Tso's Chickpeas", with the chickpeas in a sauce then dredged in cornstarch and fried, with broccoli. It's generally pretty good, I hope it turns out this time.

The Ark is cancelling this year's folk festival (per their post on birbsite).

Adversarial Wordle

Like regular Wordle, except that the computer is cheating by keeping a list of all possible words that might match the guesses, and picking an answer that makes it the hardest possible game to solve.

The only bonus is that it's very predictable (it will always cheat in the same way) so once you figure out a pattern of guesses you can always win with that pattern.

The report from birbsite is that @britain lost his account there - not sure what if any the backup procedure is, but Mastodon waits for you.

Boosted this a.m. now sore. Hoping to get some sleep.

I'm really not ready for Omicron in any way, and it's getting me down.

I really wonder: if I write the man page for a command, describing what all of the command options do and the like, then could it be so hard to write the program itself?

"documentation driven development", is that even a thing?

Roads snow-covered and slippery on my way to Cottage Inn to pick up Saturday pizza. They were running 2 hours (!) for delivery so the pickup was the only practical choice.

On the way there saw police + fire presence at Produce Station, not clear at all what was going or what had gone on there.

I tell myself that I know how to drive in snow from having driven through it too many times in the U.P. growing up. We finally have a modern car with traction control and antilock brakes (yay brakes).

Played Scrabble after Thanksgiving dinner with the family. My boys talk trash pretty well over the game board, but I ended up winning with a last play of QI for 21 points to go out.

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