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sweetwater email subject: essential software for songwriters

my brain: paper. pencil. eraser.

Bought a bright rear and front light set from HEH.

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Trip to Common Cycle complete.
Sic Transit is closed Sunday though.
Looking for a rear bright light.

Cold pizza for breakfast
In a pinch cold spaghetti will do

Early to bed, early to rise. I am up before sunrise, and I love that hour because it is so quiet.

Enjoying a routine bicycle commute to start the day, but still spending most of the day in the attic instead of downtown.

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CO2 and thinking • New study shows that even modest increases in CO2 (well below safety thresholds) are associated with a decline in cognitive performance iopscience.iop.org/article/10. #linkblog #co2pollutionfreshaircirculationhvaccognitiveintelligencesciencetootme

Farmers market: plums, chocolate croissant, ham and swiss crossaint, red potatoes, kale, green onions.

We'll have the kale and green onions tonight, cooked with a little sweet corn. The croissants are breakfast and second breakfast. The potatoes will keep until they are needed. Not sure yet about the plums.

E-Bike people: how do you shop for cat litter?

New bicycle lanes on Packard between Hill and State are a big improvement.

Only two cops who were busy with something in the bike lanes on William at Division, and William didn't have very much traffic so I just went around.

New panniers (thanks @csalzman !) passing their first test of "can I ride with these empty", and next test is to fill them up.

Testing e-bikes at HEH. I prefer a traditional derailleur shifter to the new fancy CVT setup, as it turns out. Decisions, decisions.

Listening a low-flying 1976 Piper PA-18-150 noisily circle Michigan Stadium.

Track it at globe.adsbexchange.com/?icao=a using ADS-B Exchange.

This might be the reason to get a new radio - the data source for this is "ADS-R or UAT", which I think is on 978 MHz rather than the 1090 MHz for ADS-B.

thinking that @dzombak might know more?

I'm thinking about the "grocery getter" configuration for an e-bike.

If I get the right combo of baskets and panniers and such, there's potentially a lot of markets that I could go to for a small shopping run. It might be enough to replace the usual Kroger run (I don't think anything will replace the Aldi run).


There was a platoon of runners in the street southbound on Ashley, so I took First and Third Street in. Third looks like a good bicycle north-south route because of the new light at Huron.

Free game-day parking in the basement of the court house structure. There's also a free hour of street parking 7a-8a which would have worked.

At market: basil, green onions, peaches, green beans, tomatoes (seconds for soup), kale, Italian red peppers, and the first butternut of the season.

Heading to early today, to beat the football rush.

It would be an excellent destination for an e-bike in a "grocery getter" setup, but my old mountain bike is not really equipped to carry much of anything at all, and I'm still shopping for the e-bike.

Now that the weather is finally reasonable, I'm spending a lot more time on my bicycle. There's a window in the morning when it's bright enough to ride but before the morning rush hour, and I've been doing the loop home-downtown-home until I iterate enough to know all of the possible reasonable routes and which routes to avoid.

Still contemplating getting an e-bike, which I figure would greatly expand the radius of exploration.

No football tonight for Ann Arbor Pioneer HS. The varsity team decided not to take the field against Temperance Bedford after their JV squad was taunted with racial slurs.

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Imagine if internet chat was anything like HAM radio chat

All we'd ever chat about was the devices we were using to chat :bloblaugh:

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