The Ark is cancelling this year's folk festival (per their post on birbsite).

Adversarial Wordle

Like regular Wordle, except that the computer is cheating by keeping a list of all possible words that might match the guesses, and picking an answer that makes it the hardest possible game to solve.

The only bonus is that it's very predictable (it will always cheat in the same way) so once you figure out a pattern of guesses you can always win with that pattern.

The report from birbsite is that @britain lost his account there - not sure what if any the backup procedure is, but Mastodon waits for you.

Boosted this a.m. now sore. Hoping to get some sleep.

I'm really not ready for Omicron in any way, and it's getting me down.

I really wonder: if I write the man page for a command, describing what all of the command options do and the like, then could it be so hard to write the program itself?

"documentation driven development", is that even a thing?

Roads snow-covered and slippery on my way to Cottage Inn to pick up Saturday pizza. They were running 2 hours (!) for delivery so the pickup was the only practical choice.

On the way there saw police + fire presence at Produce Station, not clear at all what was going or what had gone on there.

I tell myself that I know how to drive in snow from having driven through it too many times in the U.P. growing up. We finally have a modern car with traction control and antilock brakes (yay brakes).

Played Scrabble after Thanksgiving dinner with the family. My boys talk trash pretty well over the game board, but I ended up winning with a last play of QI for 21 points to go out.

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AAPS shenanigans 

Specifically It was Trustees Querijero, Gaynor, Baskett, and Lazarus who spoke positively about a 4-day school week.

Spending an hour writing a bunch of words that won't get posted. They are just going into the word-hoard to be drawn from later.

I am trying my best to be directed on these writing excursions. The truth is I love feedback. At the same time I like solitude.

With more practice a nightly writing goal of five hundred words looks like it will easily fit into an hour. That's an hour not spent doom-scrolling.

I spent some of the time I would have spent doom scrolling on birbsite and instead wrote 1600 words of fair-to-middling prose that isn't likely to get published in this form any time soon.

I enjoy writing, but I'm increasingly coming to the conclusion that systems with too-small input boxes and too-quick feedback loops serve more to inhibit actual writing than to encourage it.

Two goals: write 500 words daily, and to find a suitable outlet for publishing an occasional 500-word piece.

I think I sorted out why a computer mysteriously locked up every few weeks, making it useless for always-on service. I should know within a month or two if my fix did the trick.

A nap after dinner was very satisfying.

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I'm planning a @hpr series on #ham radio exams around the world. These will be 30 minute shows where we summaries how you would go about getting an Amateur Radio License in your area.

If you would like to be interviewed as part of this please DM me, including which region you are from.

I'd also appreciate hearing from you what questions you would like to hear answered ?

If you want to listen to the result they will be posted here

I'd appreciate a boost 🙂

Two giant washers fills five giant dryers. This laundry would take forever to do at home.

It's Milnor Time!

Laundry at Mr Stadium. I have two giant washers going.

Full house at Roos Rosewood on a beautiful day

Is there any good reference guide or third-party tool that makes learning Jira more palatable? I am struggling.

Catching up on sleep. Some huge number of tasks in the queue none of which is calling out to me.

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just tasted a new strain that reminded me how much I'll miss having easy access to legal weed when we move, but I just don't have it in me* to traffic in quantity.

*anymore, obviously. I would have been a fantastic hypothetical bootlegger at earlier points in my life.

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