Imagine if internet chat was anything like HAM radio chat

All we'd ever chat about was the devices we were using to chat :bloblaugh:



You are full quieting into the repeater.

My rig MacBook Air 2014, antenna Airport Extreme. Signal -31 dBm on 802.11ac into a BGW210 from AT&T.

Thinking about replacing this rig with a 2021 model but waiting for the latest pricing and maybe new models to come out.

Weather has been nice, cool nights and tolerable days. Current inside temp 75.9F - it had been in the 90s in the attic previously.

Also monitoring W8UM/R (Echolink) on my scanner, if anyone fancies a QSO.

73 de Ed W8EMV

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@w8emv Oh no I found HAMstodon :bloblaugh:

Hi there! I'm a long time listener dragging feet about actually getting licensed to transmit. :blob_grinning_sweat:


There is an instance I'm on - - which is all ham radio all the time.

I'm there.

The technician test is really easy to study for, though awkward to take at the moment due to COVID. My son got his ticket with a remotely administered test, so it can be done!

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