One thing that is striking me in the slow rewatch of LotR is the durable nature of everything they carry. You want to transport lembas bread? There's no tupperware, but it can be wrapped in a nice piece of cloth. Want Shire salt while on the way to Mordor? it's gotta be in a little wooden box. etc.

Thinking about that in terms of this:

Wondering what life would be like if I personally removed plastics from my life for transporting items around.

We're pretty good about reusing tupperware and washing it. Its nature is that it will end up in the recycling or trash at some point.

If that same tupperware were instead a wooden something or other (you can make a watertight seal with wood!) it'd very easily compost and would last much longer.


@csalzman or corn! I’m experimenting in my garden with plastic made from corn that composts in 190 days. So far it hold up to everything by direct heat

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