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Updates on site status, ToS/CoC changes, and so forth will be announced from @instance@a2mi.social.

Code of Conduct

Until deviation becomes necessary, this site will follow the code of conduct of the flagship instance. Please read and follow it while participating in our community.

Additional rules:

  • Provide appropriate content warnings on potentially sensitive posts, spoilers, and other content that not everyone may want to see. Use NSFW tags on any adult or other graphic content.
  • In addition to the country-based content restrictions from the flagship instance's CoC, no content that's illegal in the US is allowed.


This site's current moderators are:


This site costs roughly $20 per month to run. If you'd like to contribute, you can send some money to the site administrator via Square Cash at $dzombak, via PayPal at paypal.me/chrisdzombak, or via Venmo at @dzombak. Options for recurring contributions may be added at some point.

To support core Mastodon development, consider contributing to the Mastodon Patreon.

Site News

All updates on site status, ToS and CoC changes, and so forth will be provided through the Instance News account: @instance@a2mi.social.

If the site is offline, check status.a2mi.social, which is hosted on an external service, for news.

Instance-level Moderation

To provide a pleasant space for the community, we block federation at the instance level with other Mastodon sites known to:

  • Present security or privacy risks
  • Enable hate speech, violent speech, or other violent/hateful ideologies
  • Enable harassment or abuse
  • Propagate dangerous conspiracy theories
  • Tolerate/host sexualized content that's illegal in the US (or other content illegal in the US)
  • Enable spamming

We may also block followbots/federation bots, which passively undermine people's privacy expectations. These blocks are largely based on the list available at fediblock.org.