To be clear, I'm not saying that there was some organized campaign around these lines (in re: prop-A), just that these were obviously and blatantly incorrect opinions subscribed to by wealthy members of the regional elderly elite. Not even sure what one does about such steadfastly and earnestly held but completely wrong belief.


well other than acquire LEGAL POT and burn it in a tactical manner so as to waft copious weed fumes into targeted zones that have annoyed me. LOOKING AT YOU DENALI BUILDING.

perhaps we could use this "urban park" as a demonstration hog farm. America needs farmers! If the Iowa collegiate experience taught me anything it is that affluent people loathe the smell of hog farming with a passion.

@hypomodern may pot smoke waft to their balconies, and heroin needles litter their alleyways

@bdimcheff heroin needles seem like quite the escalation there! I don't think I'd go that far :).

@hypomodern i mean probably some of those people are ok, so not really

@bdimcheff I'm cranky enough to be edifyingly petty but not actually violate laws or endanger anyone.

@hypomodern i mean there are probably heroin needles around anyways, i'm just suggesting a disposal location

@bdimcheff @hypomodern I'm in favor of finding a private property owner abutting the space to hang a banner we keep updated that displays "Days since Prop A made this an 'Urban Park': ___"

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