I was watching a video presented by a builder from Texas who seemingly goes all over the country/world to look at building techniques. In this video, he was in Boston looking at a custom home that had just been framed in, and during his walkthrough he's constantly praising the workmanship on display (in the: "man, we don't do this in Texas" sense)... so naturally, the comments are full of irate New England framers talking about how mediocre everything was :)

Also, other than allowing standing water in on the subfloor, this house was some top-shelf-grade level work. They do not build housing like that everywhere.

@hypomodern I veer between being appalled and terrified by the various construction choices in my 1960s house here in CA.

@typingmonkey yep! My house was built in 1959 and it, uh... it shows. Also extensively modified by an industrious first homeowner with basically zero interest in buying actual parts.

@hypomodern My first house in A2 included some delightful updates by the previous owner’s retired and restless father. My favorite was a piece of lamp cord passed through a baseboard into the basement where it was spliced into the middle of a run of Romex by removing a chunk of the Romex insulation.

@typingmonkey the wiring boxes for all of the fixtures in our basement were made from coffee cans and various jerry-rigged food tins 😂

@typingmonkey right? I went to replace the fixture in the laundry room and... "wait... is this a folgers can?"

@typingmonkey @hypomodern I'm pretty every homeowner wants to strangle the previous homeowner.

@twbrandt @hypomodern 100% accurate. If you’re the first homeowner, you want to strangle the builder.

@hypomodern link please! this sounds like my sort of youtube content

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