I may have already asked about this and forgotten, but... does The Masto have vet recommendations?

@hypomodern if your pet has a lot of anxiety about going to the vet, I recommend a vet that will make house calls. Annie at A2 Mobile Vet is really good and has helped us with routine things like yearly shots and really hard things like euthanasia. I can’t recommend her enough.

@hypomodern are you... Vetting vets?

Our vet comes to us, which is v handy for cats and we ♥️ Dr. Annie.

The vets at the humane society and Ann Arbor Animal Hospital have been good to our creatures in the past too.

@bdimcheff @stevekemsley @hypomodern another vote for Ann Arbor Mobile Vet. Our cat cannot handle car trips and it's a lifesaver to have someone come out. Not that much more expensive either.

@csalzman @stevekemsley @hypomodern best $25 I've ever spent. They're in and out in like half an hour vs. me having to corral the cats into crates and then drive and wait and drive and stress everyone out.

@hypomodern we go to All Creatures Animal Clinic on Washtenaw One of the vets (Dr. Alexander) is a fellow Commie High Grad! In fact you probably know her husband Julius.

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